Welcome to my web site, I am a Labour and Co-operative Party Councillor for Selhurst Ward which covers parts of South Norwood and parts of West Croydon.

I live in South Norwood with my wife Sinéad. We got married in 2013. Our beautiful baby daughter was born on Easter Day, 20 April 2014. We were joined by our son who was born on the 12th October 2015.

In the Town Hall, I am Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Sport. An area that I really enjoy working on. Culture, in all its forms, is something I have worked on for many years. As a volunteer I spent 8 years as a Director and Company Secretary of the Warehouse Theatre and learnt a lot as a Director at the Fairfield Halls.

The Arts and Culture in Croydon were systematically attacked by those who had no ambition for our Town in the 8 years of Tory control of Croydon Council. It is a very difficult legacy to inherit.

Thankfully I lead on the project to be very ambitious for our borough, including all aspects of Culture. We brought back the summer festival in the form of Ambition: 2015 and proved that Croydon Town Centre is a great place to hold a festival. A great book mark on the story of regeneration.

We have also cracked the age old Croydon problem of grand promises and little delivery. On the Fairfield Halls we have pressed the button to initiate an important project to upgrade the building and catch up on the huge back log of maintenance that has been left to us. So far we have ensured the Council pay for the refurbishment of the Arnhem Gallery, the creation of The Studio and installed state of the art digital cinema in the concert hall.

Currently Mott MacDonald are leading a team of engineers, architects and specialists to overhaul the building and create a programme of investment. The Council has committed £30 million to the works. These works have started and currently the contractor is undertaking enabling works including Asbestos removal, plant removal etc.

We are in the middle of procuring a new operator for the Fairfield. All updates are on the Fairfield web site: www.Fairfield.co.uk

We are working hard to fix Culture in our Town.

Previously I was a Chair of one of the boroughs Scrutiny Committees, looking at issues from the Night Time Economy to equalities policies through to health and the local economy. That experience over 8 years has given me a really good understanding of how the Council and the Public sector works, or doesn't work!

I am keen on making organisations and people do things properly and thoughtfully. Transparency is the best defence for value for money and making the very best decisions.

Co-operation is important to me and I am an active member of the Co-operative Party. You can find out more about the work of the Co-operative Party at www.party.coop I have been a Labour Party Member since i was 14, and have always been passionate about my home town of Croydon!

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